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Looking for hydroponic supplies?

We’re all about hydroponics. We provide everything you need to get started with your hydroponics projects, from the nutrients to the lights, growing hardware to the growing medium. We e love seeing the plants we’ve grown thrive in our customers’ homes.

From us, you are not only able to purchase all necessary equipment, hardware, consumables, nutrients etc tangible products. We also provide technical support to customers, whether you are a hydroponics hobbyist or a commercial grower. If you want to learn more about what we do, check out our website!

We have everything you need to keep your plants growing strong. From hydroponic systems, lighting and nutrients to plumbing, air pumps and timers, you’ll find it here. Plus we also carry a large selection of indoor garden supplies that can help you grow even more delicious veggies, flowers and herbs at home!

  • Hydroponic Systems, Towers, NFT Channels, Drip Systems etc.
  • Hydroponic nutrients & supplements
  • Hydroponic grow medium
  • LED grow lights
  • Electronic Testers & Automation Devices
  • NPK Fertilizers
  • Booster & Supplements
  • Advanced IoT devices for automated and remote location controlled irrigation
  • Digital soil condition testers
  • Irrigation accesories

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