Legal – Refund and Return Policy

Return & Exchange Summary

Items Timeline* Return Postage Re-delivery Postage
No Question Asked Return 30 days Buyer n/a
Exchange of Goods 30 days Buyer Buyer
Wrong Item Delivered 30 days Seller Seller**
Cosmetic Damages/Imperfection 30 days n/a n/a
Missing Accessories 30 days n/a Seller
Order Cancellation n/a n/a n/a
Warranty Claim 60 days Buyer Seller**
Shipping Term

* from the date of dispatching
** condition applied


30 Days No Question Asked Return Guarantee

We understand that if the buyer doesn’t want the purchase, there must be the reason(s), including a change of mind, the wrong item purchased, etc.

We accept a 30-day return of goods with no question asked, as long as goods are returned to us in original condition, unused, clean, and undamaged, with all packing and accessories intact.

restocking fee of $35 or 20% of the product cost (excluding all postage-related costs), whichever is greater, and a possible handling fee if returned product need to be cleaned, tidied up, and repackaged, will be deducted from the refund amount for approved return, to recover our financial costs for cancelling the delivered order (we do not get a refund of fees charged by financial institutes, handling, and delivery cost).  All postal-related costs are non-refundable.

For returned items that cannot be sold as new, more cost would be deducted from the refund to cover the loss for discounted reselling of the item.

For un-resellable returns, we reserve the right to reject the return. Shall buyer wants to retrieve it, return postage is on the buyer’s account.

Refunds will be made via the same channel of payment made. For the AfterPay payment method, if it is a full order refund rather than a partial refund, the restocking fee is payable in advance before the full amount is refunded via the AfterPay platform.


Wrong items delivered

If an incorrect item was delivered, DO NOT open the original product packaging, and contact us with photos showing the packing of the goods received.

Upon our confirmation, we will cover returning and re-delivery costs by sending a return postage label. Correct item(s) will be re-delivered at our cost after receiving returned item in acceptable condition.

Despite the item being incorrectly packed and sent, the buyer shall maintain the original condition of the item, and not use the item. Shall the returned item be in unreasonable conditions, eg dirty, a sign of use, or damaged, the return won’t be accepted.

The wrong item delivered is not an acceptable reason for cancelling the order.


Cosmetic Damages/Imperfections

Hardware with cosmetic damages/imperfections those not interfering the item from performing its primary function is not covered by any warranty.


Exchange of goods

It is the buyer’s responsibility to verify if a selected item is correct before making a purchase, or if the selected item is applicable and suitable for the expected purpose. If in doubt, please contact us prior to purchase. We are not liable for the buyer’s assumption.

  1. Exchange requests will be processed and reviewed only if the exchange request in writing is lodged to us within 30 days since dispatch based on tracking record history.
  2. Only unused, clean, and ready for reselling as brand new conditions will be accepted for exchange.
  3. Handling fees will be charged for returning items that had been opened.
  4. If the return item is not resellable as a new item, the exchange request might be declined or a compensation rate will be charged for reselling at a discounted price.
  5. The replacement item does not extend or replace its original purchase warranty term and period.
  6. If a wrong model is purchased, the buyer shall first contact us to confirm before further action. Photos from buyers may be required for us to confirm. For wrong model selection, the return of goods and re-delivery costs are both on the buyer’s account.
  7. A maximum of one exchange is acceptable per order. A handling fee is chargeable for further approved exchanges.
  8. Round-trip postage is to be paid by the buyer for all exchange requests, approved or rejected.


Missing Accessories

We check items before packing and sending, to ensure all items are free of fault, included accessories are packed. In rare cases, if you believe there are missing accessories, missing item claims must be lodged in writing within 30 days after the item is dispatched, based on tracking history. Thus, please check all accessories as soon as receiving your order.


Order Cancellation

Cancellation of an order before dispatching

Cancellation of an order or item in an order before dispatching, a refund will be made by deducting non-refundable payment gateway fees & administration costs (6% of refund amount).

If the order has been dispatched before receiving an order cancellation request in writing, it will be handled as 30 days return, where the buyer is required to return the goods in original condition with postage paid.


Warranty Claim

Return of goods due to Defective or Purpose Significantly Different

Return is acceptable with the following circumstances and conditions:

  1. The product purchased does not meet its primary purpose advertised. Shall products do not perform their designed purpose, a full refund of product cost will be made upon receiving returned goods in unused/resellable condition, undamaged, with all packing boxes and accessories.
  2. A claim might not be accepted if stated reasons do not prevent products from performing the primary function, eg. alignment, minor cosmetic imperfection, colour variation, minor size variation, image variation, error images, obvious human error in contents, unintentional mistakes in description conflicting with the majority of the content.
  3. Image contents used on the website are for reference only. If conflicts are found between images and textual content, textual content shall overrule image content.
  4. The product is defective. If the product is defective, an exchange or full refund of product cost will be made upon receiving returned goods in unused/resellable condition, undamaged. Buyers can choose a full refund or exchange.
  5. All cost for the return of goods is on the buyer’s account. Return in person is NOT acceptable for all online orders.
  6. Buyer shall return goods in secured packing, to avoid goods being damaged in the return trip. Shall returning item was damaged due to insufficient packing when returning, it is on the buyer’s liability and the damaged item might not be refundable.
  7. Do not accept delivery if the item or its packaging arrived significantly damaged, or been opened. Accepting postal delivery implies the buyer’s acceptance of the delivery condition and verifies the item received in good condition.
  8. Damaged items will not be accepted for warranty claim and return.
  9. All claims must be lodged in writing, with supporting photos clearly showing the issues, the invoice of the item, and by the original buyer.
  10. COD return and Return To Sender are not acceptable returning methods. The risk of unauthorised returns or unapproved returns is on the buyer’s account. Return postage must be paid or such cost will be deducted from the approved refund amount.



Shipping Terms

Partial Shipment

For orders with partial availability, they will be shipped either partially or pending the availability of new stock and will arrive within a week, at our discretion. Dependent items# will not be partially shipped.

The buyer is able to cancel the back-order item anytime before dispatch if decides not to wait, by sending a request to far[email protected] stating the Invoice Number as a reference.

Postal Damage

Shall parcel arrived damaged, please refuse to accept. If the parcel was delivered unattended, please report to us immediately with photos showing clearly the damages for our instruction

Postal Delays

Postal services are provided by 3rd parties, and we have no control over them. If the parcel doesn’t turn up after 3 weeks of the dispatch date, please either contact the postal carrier directly or inform us so that we can trace it for you. However, this is not a valid reason for cancellation or refund requests.


Postage shortfall

On some rare occasions, due to the limitation of the automated shipping calculation methods available, when the actual postage is significantly different to the charged postage, if the shortfall is within 20% of the charged postage, we will absorb the difference. If the actual cost is over 20% more than charged, the buyer shall bridge the postage cost gap, or cancel the order for a full refund.

This normally happens when purchased bulky items and send to remote areas, especially interstate remote areas.


* If not extremely necessary, do not make new delivery instructions, eg re-direction. Past experiences indicate that any change made during transit could cause serious delay, bounce back or parcel loss.

# Dependent item refers to those that must be used in conjunction with other items in order to perform their primary functions, based on the product nature, not the buyers’ application scenario.


Other terms and conditions

Legal – Disclaimer

Legal – Shipping Policy

Legal – Privacy Policy


  1. Mistakes and issues are unintentional. We are eager to maintain a high customer satisfaction level and endeavour to resolve any issues with buyers, via reasonable discussion.
  2. Postage is not refundable in all types of claims.
  3. We reserve our right to correct mistakes and conflicts in all our terms and conditions.



  1. By proceeding the order indicating your agreement to all the terms mentioned above. Otherwise, please do not proceed further.
  2. The warranty is not transferable. All claims must be done by the original buyer only.


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