Moss Peat Sponge Plug The Best Hydroponics Grow Medium for SS120 HydroTower (Pack of 30)

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Moss Peat Sponge Plug The Best Hydroponics Grow Medium

Moss peat is a type of soil that’s made up of moss and other plant materials. It’s usually found in wet, shady areas like bogs or swamps. Mosses are a type of plant that grows in damp places and has no roots or leaves. They grow on top of other plants and absorb nutrients from the soil through their stems and leaves.

Moss peat is often used in agriculture as an organic fertilizer because it contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, sodium and manganese.

This moss peat sponge is made out of moss peat that differs from the general hydroponic grow medium. It provides immediate nutrients to sprouts thus growing faster than germinating and propagating in other kinds of grow medium.

moss peat sponge ss120   Hydrop Tower Hydroponic System Kit

Hydrop Tower Hydroponic System Kit   Hydrop Tower Hydroponic System Kit


There are many benefits associated with using moss peat instead of traditional peat moss:

-Moss peat sponge absorbs water faster and retains water well

-Moss peat has a higher percentage of organic matter

-Moss peat does not contain any pesticides or chemicals



  • Seed germination and propagation



Material: Moss Peat and organic materials

Color: Brown

Compatible Netpots: cone netpots for HydroTower SS120

moss peat sponge ss120


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  • Moss Peat Sponge Pack of 30



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Farmtek Moss Peat Sponge 

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    Great condition and very fast delivery happy customer

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    purchased boosterplus to try, results are amazing. significant differences found between two groups of crops.

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    Highly recommended.

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