IoT Smart Gateway Wifi Multi Gateway

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IoT Smart Wifi Multi Gateway

This is a communication hub to link all your IoT devices together. Unlike a single-mode gateway, this multi-mode gateway supports multiple devices of different kinds in order to let different devices interact with each other via wifi connection.


What is IoT?

IoT refers to the Internet Of Things. It is a general concept by links different types and functionalities of electronic devices via Wi-Fi (on-site) and an internet connection (remote) to form a wireless and remote real-time working environment. It is normally controlled by free mobile apps, eg Smartlife, Tuya etc.

Users can configure, monitor and control all devices on-site or remotely via the Internet. Data can be stored in cloud storage services at cost.

The IoT devices can be classified into 3 types according to their nature and functionalities, Sensing Devices, Action Devices, Hybrid (can be used as sensing or action). Sensing Devices act as triggers to make Action Devices start and stop according to pre-defined conditions.

The illustration below explains some of the common applications. The possible application scenarios are your imagination.

Farmtek IoT Devices Application Chart

The above illustration shows only a minority of IoT devices commonly used in gardening and farming. Such technology is available for home and commercial applications.



Soil Condition Monitoring:

  1. You can monitor soil humidity and temperature via a free mobile app in real-time, whether you are on-site or in another country, as long as the site has Wi-Fi internet access.
  2. All readings are saved to your mobile app, generate curve chart, etc. for records and analysis
  3. You can water plants according to soil humidity percentage

Farmtek Wifi soil sensor monitor


Automated Irrigation:

  1. You can configure watering conditions via a mobile app, eg turn on Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi water valve when soil humidity reaches 30%
  2. You may use multiple sensors to control one Wi-Fi water valve, or a single sensor to control multiple water valves.
  3. If you operate a farm with different sections by plant type, the humidity requirement for each section could be different. You may set up multiple systems by using one or multiple sensors per section to control one dedicated water valve. All separated sections can be configured and controlled in one single mobile app.
  4. Manual override can be achieved via mobile app, anytime and anywhere

 Farmtek IoT wifi soil sensor


Automated Temperature Control

  1. Use Lux/Temperature/Humidity Sensor to detect ambient temperature
  2. Automatically turn on the heating or cooling system according to pre-defined temperature via wifi controlled power board,
    for example:
    – when 10 degrees, turn heater on via power board
    – when 16 degrees, turn heater off via power board
    – when 36 degrees, turn cooler on via power board
    – when 28 degrees, turn cooler off via power board


Automated Green House Control

  1. Use Lux/Temperature/Humidity Sensor to detect ambient temperature
  2. Automatically turn on the lights according to Lux level,
    for example:
    – when Lux reaches 500 or below, turn on grow lights via IoT power board or circuit switch, can also configure to close green house window etc.
    – when humidity


Smart Home Security 

  1. connect various IoT cameras around the house
  2. motion detection function in cameras can trigger audio players (dag barks, people talking, etc), sirens or lights to scare away trespassers and thieves.
  3. water spraying trespassers with IoT water valve turn on if you like to
  4. video recording



  • low cost
  • easy to configure
  • flexible to build your own system according to your needs



Smart Gateway Wifi



  • 12 months



  • Gateway Device
  • User Manual


*images are for reference only

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