Yellow Leaves Problem

Unlocking the Secrets to Healthy Plants: Addressing Yellow Leaves with FarmTek® BoosterPlus™ Fulvic Acid

Yellow Leaves ProblemYellow leaves on your plants can be distressing, as they often signal an array of potential issues arising from inadequate care. Various factors contribute to this problem, including over and under-watering, nutrient deficiencies, soil pH imbalance, sunlight exposure, and pest infestations.

To diagnose the root cause and effectively remedy the situation, consider the following methods:

1. Humidity Measurement in the Soil:

  • Utilize a reliable soil condition tester, inserting the probe 5-10cm deep into the soil.
  • Alternatively, manually assess the soil’s moisture content by digging into it. Adequate moisture should be present without excess water visible. Adjust watering frequency and amount based on the soil’s condition, whether excessively wet or overly dry.

2. pH Value Assessment in the Soil:

  • Employ a suitable soil condition tester, inserting the probe into the soil at a depth of 5-10cm.
  • Compare the obtained pH reading with the optimal range for the specific plants you are cultivating.
  • BoosterPlus™, with its unique properties, can auto-balance the pH in the soil, restoring it to a neutral state.

3. Sunlight Measurement in the Planting Area:

  • Use a 4-in-1 soil condition tester to gauge sunlight levels in different spots of the field.
  • In outdoor environments, insufficient sunlight is less likely to be the cause of yellowing unless obstructed by tall neighboring objects like sheds, crops, trees, fences, or buildings.

In a BoosterPlus™ experiment conducted unintentionally, a grapefruit tree left unattended for months outdoors exhibited yellowing leaves. After ruling out water, sunlight, or pest issues, the plant was treated with BoosterPlus™ at a 1:3000 ratio fortnightly.

Observing a remarkable transformation in leaf color after just two weeks, a second treatment with Farmtek NPK 30-10-10 at a 1:1000 ratio exceeded expectations. Aside from two old leaves, all others turned completely green, with a minor yellowish-green tint observed in only two leaves.


Save Your Plants with FarmTek® BoosterPlus™:

FarmTek® BoosterPlus™ Fulvic Acid For Plants emerges as a game-changer. Crafted from an organic leonardite base, this Fulvic Acid product undergoes processing through a unique anti-flocculation technology. Boasting smaller molecular structures and hard water tolerance up to 21°dh, it proves completely soluble in hard water and acidic conditions.

Packed with both micro and macro nutrients essential for plant growth, BoosterPlus™ serves as an immediately available source of nourishment for plants and soil microbes. Additionally, its remarkable ability to auto-balance soil pH contributes to restoring equilibrium in the growing environment.

When yellow leaves threaten your plants, turn to the natural and effective solution provided by FarmTek® BoosterPlus™ Fulvic Acid. Nurture your plants back to health, witness the vibrant transformation that follows, and experience the satisfaction of cultivating a thriving and lush garden.


With BoosterPlus™, you not only address the yellow leaf problem but also pave the way for a flourishing and resilient plant life.


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