Farmtek Expanded Clay Pebbles For Plants Hydro Clay Balls 8-16mm Mix 5L Bag

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Farmtek Expanded Clay Pebbles For Plants Hydro Clay Balls 8-16mm Mix

Hydroponic clay pebbles, also known as expanded clay aggregate (ECA), clay balls, pea gravels, etc., are a very popular medium used in many hydroponic growing systems. They are lightweight expanded clay balls that can float on water.

They are small pieces of expanded clay used to help make a better drainage solution for the plant roots. It is made in a number of different sizes (8-16mm) and is often referred to as pea gravel, large pea gravel, or small pea gravel. Hydroponic clay pebbles are often used in conjunction with rock wool cubes where plants are to be germinated and propagated in rock wool cubes and transplanted to net pots with clay pebbles as support.

Hydroponic clay pebbles are inert, stable, pH neutral and float. In some cases, they may work well as a substitute for rock wool in many hydroponic setups. There are a few reasons why you should consider using it in your next indoor garden.



  • promote aeration to roots, avoid root rot
  • great moisture control for plants
  • can be used as a grow medium alone
  • reusable
  • light weight, float on water



  • grow medium in hydroponics of various types, such as Kratky, NFT, DWC, Dutch Bucket etc.



Sizes: 8-16mm mixed

Material: Expanded clay

Color: Brown, Dark Brown


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  • 5L clay pebbles in a zipper plastic bag



  • Medium Satchel


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Farmtek Expanded Clay Pebbles Clay Balls for Hydroponics

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  1. MS

    myra sweeney (verified owner)

    their humic acid has wider application methods compared to others

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  2. K

    kamila (verified owner)

    Fulvic acid works well and the result is significant.

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  3. K

    kase (verified owner)

    Hydrop experts, learn a lot as beginners to hydroponics

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