Farmtek AquaCube propagation slab 36x36x40mm (98 cubes)

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Farmtek AquaCube propagation slab 36x36x40mm

Farmtek AquaCube propagation slab is the most efficient propagation and grow medium for hydroponic farms, enthusiasts and hobbyists.

The unique property of Farmtek AquaCube allows optimal moisture levels for plants and great aeration for root systems. Such advantages let plants grow faster and bigger.

Farmtek AquaCube has been tested in commercial hydroponic farms and has proven to be the best grow medium for hydroponics.

AquaCube Farm Test

AquaCube Farm Test   AquaCube Farm Test   AquaCube Farm Test


  • low cost high efficient propagation cubes for commercial and home growers
  • great aeration for the root system
  • easy for roots to penetrate
  • optimal water absorption and retention rate compared to other grow medium
  • very economical medium for hydroponics, the best substitute for Oasis cubes (Horticube)
  • easy to snap off into individual cubes



Farmtek Sowing Tool is specially designed for commercial growers to sow seeds over a hundred times faster than manual sowing. With Farmtek Sowing Tools, sowing a full slab of AquaCube is a matter of a few seconds.

Farmtek Sower For AquaCube

Easy to fit in a standard 1020 propagation kit.

AquaCube Seedling Propagation Cubes    AquaCube Seedling Propagation Cubes



Farmtek Aqua series grow medium is manufactured in the form of cubes, plugs, blocks, slabs and sheets. Each of them has their own applications:

Cubes: seedling, propagation, growing

Plugs: seedling and propagation

Blocks: For climbing plants, larger plants with rich root systems such as Tomato, Cucumbers Chilli etc.

Slabs: Use as nutrition and moisture storage, and root development space for climbing plants and larger plants with rich root systems. Normally used with Farmtek AquaBlock

Sheets: for microgreen production medium



  • Seedling, propagation and growing in hydroponic systems, with and without net pots



Water Absorption: >10 times its own weight

Dimension: 36 x 36 x 40 mm per cube, 98 cubes per slab

Carton Quantity: 98 cubes x 10 slabs (980 cubes)

Colour: Teal/Turquoise/Greenish Blue

Prep: pH 7-8, flush with fresh water before germination



  • 98 pcs AquaCube

AquaCube Seedling Propagation Cubes

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* colour may change after exposure to light for a period of time. This will have no impact on product efficiency and functions.

** Flush AquaCube with fresh water before germination


*images are for reference only

Farmtek AquaCube 

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    Mark (verified owner)

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  2. PF

    phoenix fitzpatrick (verified owner)

    I am a hobbyist, tried many difference nutrients for plants, I can tell the significant differences after using farmtek products

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  3. F

    freya (verified owner)

    great system, professional advises

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  4. JA

    james alvarado (verified owner)

    The best value for money product. Can’t just look at the price tag, it makes far more than liquid form products.

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  5. D

    dane (verified owner)

    Probably the best I ever bought

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