cleaning hydroponic system effortless

Effortless Aeroponic Towers & Hydroponic Systems Cleaning Method, Amazing! No Scrubbing, No Sweating

Hydroponic systems, while revolutionary for plant growth, can become a haven for dirt, algae, and molds if not diligently cleaned after each growing cycle. Failure to maintain a clean system can compromise the root zone, fostering an unhealthy environment and potentially spreading diseases to your plants.

The conventional method of cleaning involves scrubbing with a brush dipped in a solution of water, vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide. However, this is not only an arduous task but also time-consuming. We present an innovative and effortless cleaning method that surpasses traditional approaches, ensuring the optimal health of your hydroponic systems.

Effortless Cleaning Method:

Step 1: Dilute Bleach Solution

  • Prepare a bleach solution at a ratio of 1:100 – 1:200 (depending on the desired cleaning speed).
  • Pour the solution into the aeroponic tower system.

Step 2: Activate Circulation Pump

  • Switch on the circulation pump and let the system run continuously for 24-48 hours, depending on the concentration of the bleach solution.
  • If using a 1:100 ratio, 24 hours typically suffices, while a 1:200 ratio might require 48 hours or longer to clean dirt and algae from joints.
  • To address dirty planting hole rims, placing a net pot on it guides the bleach solution into the gap.

Step 3: System Cleaning

  • After 48 hours, the inner section of the entire system should be 99% cleaned and sanitized, even with a 1:200 bleach solution.
  • No additional action is required for the inner section, whether it’s aeroponic towers or NFT systems.
  • Clean the outer surface of the tower with a damp cloth or hose down any surface dirt.

Step 4: Utilize Bleach Solution Efficiently

  • Avoid wasting the bleach solution by soaking used net pots in the water tank for a day or two.
  • Without scrubbing, the bleach solution will rejuvenate dirty net pots, leaving them looking like new.
  • This step can be combined with the previous one to clean both the tower and net pots simultaneously.

Step 5: Rinse and Reassemble

  • Rinse the net pots thoroughly with clean water.
  • Clean the water tank and reassemble the tower system.

Cleaning NFT System:

  • The process for cleaning the NFT system mirrors the steps outlined above.
  • Use a diluted bleach solution to run the system continuously for 1-2 days, ensuring it cleans all dirt and algae inside the channels, water piping, and the water tank.
  • Ensure the water volume matches or exceeds the usual volume during the growing stage to guarantee the bleach solution reaches all areas.

This effortless cleaning method not only streamlines the maintenance process but also enhances the longevity and productivity of your hydroponic systems. By embracing this innovative approach, you ensure a healthier and disease-free environment for your plants, paving the way for robust and bountiful harvests. FarmTek Australia introduces a new era of hydroponic system maintenance, free from the hassle of scrubbing and sweating, making plant care a seamless and rewarding experience.