Commercial Hydroponics Australia

FarmTek Australia provides commercial hydroponics system design and supplies services to farms wanting to start hydroponic growing.

If you want to start hydroponic growing commercially, we provide a free initial consultation session. Just drop us an email with your contact info and a brief introduction of your plan in mind.

Commercial Hydroponics Australia

Commercial Hydroponics Systems:

  • NFT System – Nutrient Film Technique systems are great for leafy crops. This type of hydroponic system is suitable for small to medium-scale farming. Great for family operations.

  • Commercial Hydroponics - NFT
  • DWC System – Deep Water Culture requires a lower initial investment. Great for lettuce of any kind or short veggies.
    Commercial Hydroponics - Deep Water Culture
  • Drip System– Using Rockwool blocks and slabs, the drip irrigation system is great for rich root systems, and tall, and climbing plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers, beans etc. The Dutch bucket system is also good for the same purpose. However, using Rockwool blocks and slabs is more economical to operate, and requires less initial investment.
    Drip System Hydroponic Example  FarmTek Dutch Bucket
  • EBB & Flow – EBB & Flow is a great commercial hydroponics method for the mass production of pot plants. All pots are placed on a flow table, with fully automatic watering control. Excessive water will be collected and returned to the reservoir. These methods save a lot of water consumption compared to traditional pot plant production.
    FarmTek EBB & Flow


Commercial Hydroponics Supplies:

We supply professional hydroponic accessories and consumables to commercial growers:



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